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Your values are important to us

We work with passion, professionalism, consistency and face each new project as a challenge. Our goal is to create a worthy website for your business. Your needs, your goals, your values are the main factors that are taken into consideration to create tools suited for you and your business. In Design Solutions, we believe that the details make the difference, and this is what distinguishes us.

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Perfect Design

We point out the identity of your business designing the website as an extent of it. We are empowering and reinforcing your Brand Awareness.

We do not design just websites, we create experiences!

  • pen Graphic Design
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  • retina Retina Ready
1 We design websites with total accuracy and detail, exactly as a graphics department would have done.

Perfect Structure... with purpose

The website should help the user and guide him into the actions you would like him to do. To prompt him and not to prevent him. We study and design the content architecture targeting the most for your business.

The connecting angle between design, user experience, and content architecture is advanced development - which will bring all the above out.

Advanced development
Content architecture
Content architecture
Best user experience
Best user experience

Together on every step...

Website development is just the beginning. Design Solutions is next to you in order to find solutions or to achieve your goals.

Website Improvement

  • Speed optimization

    We will increase the speed of your website.

  • Performance improvement

    We offer a consulting service to improve the website’s performance proven by results.


Immediate support

We have the knowledge and the experience to support your website with immediate response to your requests in every aspect.

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