Speed Optimization

A fast-loading website can only have advantages! This is why, in Design Solutions, our goal is not only the website development quality but the loading speed too.


Studies show that, if the page loading time exceeds 3 - 4 seconds, 47% of users will abandon the page. Also, Google states that reinforces visibility in search results for websites that load quickly and offer a good user experience.


Think about it, how many times were you unhappy when you visit a slow website where you could not find what you were looking for. Fill the shoes of your website visitors and think how many sales or communications you are losing because of that.

by Design Solutions

The Speed Optimization service refines the structure and content of the website, in this way the loading required time is the least it can be. This service is applied only in websites designed by us.*

*It could be applied in websites not designed by us under qualifications.


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